Lawn Dethatching and Aeration (Power Raking)

Power Raking (Dethatching):

Recommended to help reduce thatch build up and promote a more healthy and dense turf. Our crews will dethatch your lawn with a power rake machine, and rake up (by hand) the piles of thatch and haul them away.

Core Aeration:

Recommended every year. Aids in soil penetration of air, water and fertilizer. It reduces compaction and stimulates new root growth. Core aeration is the  process of removing up to 3” long narrow plugs of soil and thatch from the turf grass using an aerator machine. This machine has a round cylinder with steel tines that pull out the plugs and deposit them onto the lawn. The plugs are beneficial when they are left alone because they act as a top dressing and are dissolved through rains and mowing.  The benefits of this service are to remove thatch, aid in supplying air and oxygen to the root zone, and break up compacted soil to aid in increased root growth and thicker turf.

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