Lawn-Care and Maintenance

CSL takes pride in all of their work, and Lawn-Care is no exception. You can depend on us to be there each week. You will be given a scheduled day and we will be there on that day every week (inclement weather may affect schedule). You do not need to be home. Our crew will cut and trim your lawn weekly, and edge it every other week.

Our crews are trained to cut your lawn in the best and most efficient ways. Our equipment is kept in excellent condition. Our lawn mower blades are sharpened daily and changed often. The height of the cut is adjusted as necessary throughout the season. All of this is done to assure you of a clean cut and manicured look.


Mowing Season and Info.

Mowing season begins the week of April 16th and ends in December.  When the season begins, we use a mowing height of 2 1/2 inches. For the warmest part of the season, the height is raised to 3 – 3 1/2 inches. Mowing and trimming are done weekly unless weather conditions do not permit.  When the weather interferes with our mowing and trimming services, Saturdays are used as makeup days.

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